Thursday, 31 March 2016

Kauri Run Bike Run

WALT write a recount of a recent event

22/3/16                                   The Viper's Run
Have you ever sprinted in 30 degree heat?  I have on the 21st of March 2016. I wish it wasn't on today it was the run bike run at Halswell Domain. Everyone in the Kauri team did the Run Bike Run. I am in a team and I am doing the first run I don’t really want to do it because it is like I am in a frying pan I am burning.

First everyone walked their bike and themselves to Halswell Domain. When we got there we find the cone that we are supposed to sit behind and get moved because it is so hot. When the Yr 4’s go to do the Run Bike Run the Yr 6’s (us) get to play a game with the house captains. They finish and after the Yr 5’s go whoosh everyone in Yr 5 take off like lightning and easily finished.

It is our turn we get let out to run and I jog at the start just to keep my energy up I get to halfway and I feel like dashing to tag Brayden so I do so when I tag him he races round the big track right in front of Noah Parsons but then his foot slips and then Noah takes over. Brayden tags Ethan then he runs as fast as he can around the track and runs across the finish line.

I fell really awesome our team tried our best went hard out and came second.  We are so stoked that it is all over for us we congratulate our friends and ourselves and sit down in the shade so we can cool off and then have a really good afternoon.       

Wednesday, 16 March 2016

The New Zealand Flag

                                               The New Zealand Flag

WALT: Write a persuasive text that will persuade others-Persuasive others
In my opinion we should keep the current New Zealand flag

The first reason I think that we should keep the current flag is that we are in the British colony. If we change the flag the British might thought that everyone in New Zealand have forgot about everyone in Britain and might start a war against New Zealand. If we go to war with another country we might not get troops from Britain because we would have changed the flag.

The most important reason why we should keep the current flag is that people risked their lives for that flag. If we change the current flag we will soon forget all the soldiers who went to war. Imagine if you were one of those soldiers that went to war to keep that flag and died but now it’s becoming history how would you feel about that?

My final reason for keeping the current flag is Its wasting lots and lots of money, $26 million in fact. We could have used that money on poor families giving them a home and food so they can live a happy life. We can give kids an education so again they have a happy life.

So in conclusion I think that we should keep the current flag.Has this text changed your mind

The New Zealand Flag Solo Matrix
I know I used extended abstract really well because I asked question and had lots of different reasons of why we should keep the flag

Thursday, 10 March 2016

The Big Jump Story Graph

                               (What is it)  What: A story graph about The Big Jump
  (What have I learnt) So What: I learnt to make a story about The Big Jump and we had to write a graph from 0:) when he is happy in the story) to 5:( (when he is sad in the story).
(What's my next step) Now What: I need to add more detail in my story graphs