Friday, 28 July 2017

Review of term 2 book

The 78 story tree house is definitely one of my favorite books, it is about two friends that have a tree house and keeps on building up on the tree house by 13. In the book they are making a movie about their every day lives and how they are normally only one of the characters are left out ; But the evil cows come in and try to ruin the movie and try to make their own if you want to know more you have to read the book
 I would definitely give this book a 9/10 and I would recommend it to anyone that is interested.

Wednesday, 5 July 2017


In ARTS this term we have been learning to:
Select and use techniques and relevant technologies to develop drama practice.
Here is a link to our online modelling book.

  • During this unit of learning we:
  • Described the characteristics of silent performances.
  • Identified different techniques used in silent performances.
  • Used these techniques in a variety of different practice situations.
  • Worked in a small group to put together our own silent performance.

The most challenging part of this unit of learning was finding out what we were doing the performance about because we would not know how easy or hard it would be

The two things that I enjoyed the most were:
  1. Planning the performance
  2. Practicing the performance

The story that my group told silently was Jak stole the fidget spinner and Daniel and I tried to get it back but we let him buy from our store

Overall I think my group worked well together because we are really good friends so we know when they are getting annoyed and a little bit tired

Maths assesment

I can apply the strategy to problem solving questions

Strategy: Deduce the angle properties of intersecting and parallel lines and the angle properties of polygons and apply these properties.

Take a piece of paper.

Fold it along the long axis and then open it up.

Now fold one corner over and onto the centre crease so that the fold line passes through the corner next to it (on the short side of the paper).

You have created some angles. There are angles of 60o and of 30o. Can you prove this? Explain your answer

Because a triangle is 180 degrees there is already 90 degrees in the triangle there must be 60 degrees and 30 degrees and add that together makes 90 degrees and 90 degrees + 90 degrees equals 180 degrees.

Term 2 Novel Study

  This term I have been reading and studying the novel See ya Simon

I found this novel interesting because it taught me a lot about muscular dystrophy

During the novel I had to complete a thinking map which shows that I can classify how the author has shown the theme of the book.

National Standard this covers

  • Year 7/8  Standard
    • I can identify and evaluate the way writers’ use language and ideas to suit their purpose and I can use my growing wide range of academic and content-specific vocabulary to understand texts.

Overall I would give this novel a rating of  8/10 and I would  recommend it to others to read because it is a lot more interesting because it has got a lot of vocabulary that is useful to learn.

Tuesday, 4 July 2017

Current Events Term 2, 2017

WALT: I can successfully research a current event.
Here is a link to our online modelling book for this unit of learning.

The National Standard that I have been aiming for during this unit of learning is:

Year 7/8: I can use appropriate skills and technologies to find and use a range of texts for specific purposes.

Each week we have read a short text about a current event/ topic. We then formed questions based on what we had read.  After this we researched the answers to our questions and finally we gave our opinions on what we had found out.

Here is some evidence of my learning.

My Next Step is to continue to  apply the reading and  research skills that I have learned in a variety of other areas.