Friday, 26 August 2016

Chinese 2

WAL About families in Chinese
There are lots of people that you can say in Mandarin.
Ma ma (mum), Ba ba (Dad), ge ge (big brother), jie jie ( big sister), di di (little brother), mei mei (little sister) and wo (I)
E.g. Wo ai ma ma he ba ba (I love mum and dad)
or Ma ma ai ge ge he di di  ( Mum loves big brother and little brother)
You can also change it up
Wo ai chi cao mei (I love eating strawberry's)
So here are some examples
Ma ma ai ba ba he wo (Mum loves Dad and I)
Wo ai di di ( I love little brother)
Ba ba ai di di he wo ( Dad loves little brother and I)
Di di ai chi mian tiao ( Little brother loves noodles)
Ma ma ai chi yang rou (Mum loves to eat lamb
Ba ba ai chi zhu he ji rou (Dad loves pork and chicken)

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