Monday, 5 September 2016

School uniforms at school

Not Wearing School Uniform at School
Do you like school uniforms? I know I don’t. School uniforms leave your clothes worthless and school uniforms are overpriced. So in my opinion, I strongly believe we shouldn’t need to wear school uniforms at school.                                                                                                                                                  
(Paragraph 1)
My first and most important reason for not wearing a school uniform for school is the cost. At most stores that sell school uniforms, it is really expensive; it costs $108 just for a shirt, shorts and a polar fleece, I mean that is absolutely crazy, that is about 4 sets of normal clothes. Wo would you like to spend $108 on one uniform or more mufti clothes? If your school has 8 grades in it and you are like me you are spending a load of money on just school uniform and then school fees while the price of normal clothes for 8 years would be about half the price of uniforms for 8 years. Every year you will grow and when you grow you will need to buy a new set of clothes every year and that will cost way too much than you can nearly afford.
(Paragraph 2)
Secondly, in my opinion, another reason school uniforms should not have to be worn is it can be uncomfortable wearing your school uniform. If you have ever been running around in the steaming hot weather the school uniform stays hot and won’t turn cooler until you’re inside and may not cause a good lunch time but a “ I am about to melt” lunch time. On the other hand with your normal clothes, they are way thinner so you can keep playing and finally have a good,  cooler lunch time in that burning weather. Also, when you are trying to do your learning, they can get really uncomfortable that you can't put up with it so you would always  have to try to get a position where you are comfortable and that can cause you to get nothing done.
(Paragraph 3)
My third and final reason, is you have got so many clothes why not wear them? So when you are wearing your school uniform you don't even have that many pairs ( because as I said earlier it is so expensive) while in your drawers are several piles of clothes, I mean come on people your clothes are just sitting there in your draw not being worn. If you are wearing school uniform your parents are basically wasting money on clothes you don't really need because they are in your drawer not being worn, but if we wear mufti clothes our clothes will have a purpose.
So in my opinion, I strongly believe we should not have to wear school uniform for the reasons I have explained.

I think my persuasive is level 4 writing because I compared it to the hard chairs writing and it seems quite similar to it because I had a lot of detail and it also had a lot as well, and it also had more than enough detail to persuade others.

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