Friday, 4 November 2016

The Crown Jewels

WALT: to write a story suitable to entertain a  5-6 year old.         
      The Crown Jewels
Once upon a time there were two villains named Bulbie and Charlie. They cut people with their paws because they are a different breed of dog. They are grass and fire type dogs  and they are super villains that have stolen a lot of precious valuables like the Mona Lisa, the only 24 carat diamond ring in the world. Then there is Kidbatman and Mini Robin, they are the protectors of New York City. Their base is Bruce O'Connell's bedroom and Bruce O’Connell is Kidbatman.

Bruce O’Connell and Joshua Kidmen were in their base playing a game of cards, Bruce O'Connell said “ Ha I’ve got 4 aces I win”
“Oh well I guess that's another game to you,” said Joshua once again weeping in defeat.
They turned on the T.V and watched the news
“ Wow I knew it was really tragic in Australia but why do they have the DreamWorld story over in New York,” said Bruce.
But then the real thing that mattered to Bruce and Joshua came on, Bulbie and Charlie stole the crown jewels of New York.
“Oh no the crown jewels of New York  have been stolen it’s time to catch them,” Joshua screamed
“Let's go,” said Kidbatman.

When they arrived at the famous museum of New York they asked the janitor “Did you by any chance see the famous criminals bulbie and charlie
“ Yeah, they said they were going to the rabbit hole of the biggest field in the city, Zarrah fields,” Replied the janitor.
“ Ok,” yelled Kidbatman, “ Off to the Zarrah fields we go.”
So the super duo arrived at Zarrah fields.
“ Ok,” said Mini Robin, “ the janitor said they are in one of the holes,” even though there are like 20 holes.
So they went into the first hole and what do you know there they were , Bulbie and Charlie
“ Ok Bulbie and Charlie give us back the crown jewels or else,” yelled Kidbatman “
Never,” shrieked Bulbie
“Ok,” yelled Kidbatman “We can do this the easy way or we could do it the hard way” so bulbie didn’t say anything Kidbatman ran down the hole and with one flick charlie was knocked out. But Bulbie was the real hard one to get, Kidbatman had to run everywhere but couldn't find him but didn’t give up. He was still looking through all the little holes and found him in the last hole he gave him a big punch to the noggin and then took the Crown Jewels

So Kidbatman returned the crown jewels and got the city key of New York. Mini Robin was officially named a super hero. Bulbie and Charlie got isolated from everyone in their hole playing cards for the rest of their lives, and lived happily ever after.

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