Friday, 13 May 2016

Noah's Diary

Noah’s Diary

WALT -View the world in another person's perspective
Dear diary  June 30th 1917
Jim here I’m very nervous I am so close to dying. My rifle has been hit by a bullet which  has caused my right arm to bleed continuously and break, but luckily I have a German friend his name is Carlos he tried to sneak up on us but got terribly wounded and he is also feeling the pain. I am right down in the trenches which by the way are horrible because they are so smelly that we continually have flies every day and it is very wet. But is my last chance for life. Luckily Nippa the messenger dog is right here by my side.

This food is anything but satisfying the only thing we are eating is canned corned beef, bread and dry biscuits called hard tack. We have literally been in the same clothes for three months, we only change 4 times a year. They get so grubby that it’s like I’m made out of dirt and mud. It has been raining constantly for weeks and the mud is up to our knees. Uh oh I hear gunshots and maybe some eggs to Crack Bang Bang Bang Crack Bang Bang Bang. There are a few planes right above us. It smells like everybody just died in here even though quite a few people have died        -Jim
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